GATO NEGRO Sauvignon Blanc


Country : Chile
Alcohol level : 12.0%
Bottle Size : 750ml
Year : 2018

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Nuanced and structured whites are dry, medium-dry or medium-sweet wines with characteristically mineral and herbal flavours and aromas.

You can also discern citrus, gooseberry and blackcurrant notes in these wines. Crisp acids add the necessary structure, making them an ideal accompaniment to food.

Nuanced flavours combined with robust acidity make these wines an excellent match for fish and seafood dishes as well as slightly stronger flavours.

Try with Finnish crayfish, clam dishes or blinis. White wines are best served chilled, at 10–12°C. Chilling a bottle from room temperature to the perfect serving temperature takes about two hours in a fridge. The sweeter the wine, the cooler it can be served.