Country : SCOTLAND
Alcohol level : 40.0%
Bottle Size : 750ml

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Crafted from 8-year-old blended Scotch whisky – double-aged and finished in casks that previously held Caribbean rum for a pleasantly unexpected Caribbean smooth and tropical flavor – This (sic) is an invigorating new blend bringing together two seemingly different worlds: Scotland and the Caribbean. The result is a slightly quirky, yet supremely smooth taste, unlike anything before. More than just great tasting Scotch, Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth brings two cultures together to create something uniquely richer. Rating: Stands Out.

This is a fun blended Scotch from Dewar’s, with finishing in rum casks bringing a little more depth to a fairly straightforward blend. It’s a pleasantly sweet whisky, with notes of cereal, vanilla, orange peel, and chamomile. A rounded, butterscotch sweetness gives it weight. At 80-proof and affordably priced, it’s a very sessionable Scotch.