Country : SCOTLAND
Alcohol level : 40.0%
Bottle Size : 750ml


While the Dewar’s White Label emphasizes summer meadows, vanilla and apple, the 12yo focuses on the heather in autumn, caramel, pears and raisins as well as a much stronger wood engraving. Neither can deny the Aberfeldy in their hearts, while on the white label it is more recognizable on the nose, and the taste is more recognizable in the 12s. I also think I can guess the Craigellachie with its full weight and the grassy freshness of the Aultmore, while the wood tones could perhaps be assigned to the Brackla as a component. All in all, the 12-year-old is clearly more attractive and strong in character than the white label and by no means bad, but also not a big cinema – a real alternative at a hotel bar, but rather not a permanent companion in the house bar.

Deep golden with a slight red cast, the “ancestor” conjures up a clear, wide edge and heavy legs on the glass wall. In the first moment, apart from a spoonful of heather honey, a deep fruitiness gradually paves its way, Williams pear, raisins, plums and dates, gooseberries, juicy oranges and pineapples, sprinkled with a little icing sugar and all with walnuts and nougat chocolate on the edge of an autumnal one Heide arranged in a wooden bowl freshly rubbed with olive oil, which – I think – makes me think of the intense Craigellachie character as a component. An intense alcohol bite turns into a distant hint of gauze bandages and plaster strips, herbs from juniper to ginger, before sweet sandalwood and tea leaves and then caramel take over.

Bittersweet but still gently meet forest honey, grape-nut chocolate and maple syrup in the mouth with tobacco leftovers in a cigar box, petals and tea leaves, orange peel and a handful of dry grapes, not quite light raisins. Only a little later a slight burning and a few herbal nuances set in, not unlike a brandy.

The competition between syrup and tobacco continues, along with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a little nutty oak, in the short to medium length finish, which sends a slight tingling back into the nose, but then fades away quickly.